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Mould Removal in South West Wales

When houses are left alone for long periods of time, uninhabited and exposed to the elements or artificial water sources, damp is inevitable, and damp leads to mould if left untreated.  

Our team of mould removal experts recently attended this home in Aberdare, South West Wales, being situated very close to the confluence of two large rivers, Aberdare is considered to be at high risk of flood damage. The property had been left untouched and unoccupied for over 6 months and had developed significant mould problems in every room. 

Upon inspection of the property, our mould removal team stripped all of the wallpaper in each room and got to work treating each area individually, applying a range of techniques depending on the location and severity of the mould in each room.

Once the mould was removed and treated, we thoroughly cleaned and sanitised each room and installed industry grade dehumidifiers to prevent lasting damage and prevent damp returning and causing another outbreak of mould.

If you have a commercial premises, residential property, or holiday home that’s been exposed to damp or is starting to show signs of mould, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert member of our mould removal team to discuss your needs and arrange a consultation. If your property is not yet at the point of moulding and you want to eliminate damp before it becomes a problem, we have a range of dehumidifiers and other damp removal equipment for hire.